Over the past two and a half years of running KR, it has become very apparent to me that there's a balance between the two Indias. On one hand you have the romantic fantasyland that the brand has continuously leaned into, shooting lookbooks in homes that haven't been renovated from the British Raj or palaces from before this time, full of vintage cane furniture, Goan tiles and Naga tables. It contextualizes the brand through a sense of Indi-Nostalgia. It's escapist, the type of India you wish still existed. Through globalization and a societal mindset that values Western thought above our own, the two versions of India have become highly polarized. Through KR however, the two ideas can be in fractured dialogue. There's an emotional connection to the aesthetic utopia of the past and a sense of optimism when looking at India's future. This conversation can be a generative idea rather than a backwards one. This season our lookbook, that is yet to come out, was shot at a sandstone mine in Jodhpur, a city still stuck in a different era. Outside the city there are a bunch of mines, over the years, these have been pilfered for commerce. However, in doing so, they have created these unreal rick faces. It's an interesting visual for what we are trying to communicate through this season's clothes.