Kantha embroidery, originating from the eastern regions of India, particularly West Bengal and Bangladesh, is a traditional craft renowned for its intricate stitchwork and storytelling motifs. The word "Kantha" refers to the running stitch, which is the primary technique used in this embroidery style. Historically, Kantha was born out of a need for resourcefulness and creativity, as women would repurpose old saris and cloth scraps by layering them together and stitching them with colorful threads to create beautiful and functional textiles.

The process of Kantha embroidery begins with the selection of fabric, often recycled cotton or silk, which is layered to create a quilt-like base. Skilled artisans then use a simple running stitch to create intricate patterns and motifs, ranging from floral designs and animals to geometric shapes and human figures. The stitches not only add decorative elements but also serve to quilt the layers together, resulting in a warm and durable fabric. Kantha embroidery is not confined to any strict rules or patterns; rather, it is a form of artistic expression passed down through generations, with each piece telling a unique story. KR started through selling one off Kantha quilts and now we produce new Kantha as well as keeping the one off upcycled quilt program.